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Yoga and Perspective...

In the UK midday means the exact time 12 noon. In India midday means a general time from 12 noon-ish to hours after that. In the UK people say “good morning” before 12 noon and “good afternoon” after that, in Spain people say “good morning” before lunch and “good afternoon” after lunch (2-3pm).

None of these are right or wrong, they are just different according to cultural perspectives or ‘norms’ for those places and people.

Where you have lived and what you have been exposed to shapes your perspective on life; in a sense we are being ‘programmed’ (often subconsciously) from the moment we are born, to form ideas of how we ‘believe’ things should be, according to the ‘familiar norms' we are accustomed to.

What does this tell us? We often get so fixed on one perspective being ‘right’, we create tension and rigidity in our minds, which if left unchecked will eventually seep into our bodies. The mind and the body are inextricably linked.

The practice of Yoga Asana (postures) allows us to move and use the body in a different way to our ‘norms’ in daily life. This not only provides a form of physical ‘exercise’ which when practised with care can have a beneficial effect on muscle strength/tone, balance, and posture. BUT! When we learn to move our body in new ways, we realise a fresh perspective not only with our body but with our thoughts too, which can improve mental resilience and flexibility of mind!

Being flexible in our thinking patterns, loosening the rigidity of the mind, becoming more ‘open-minded’ can have untold benefits to our life. This does not mean to simply roll over and accept everything, but life is constantly changing, if we can accept this it will avoid a lot of frustrations/disappointments!

Nothing in life is guaranteed, question everything (including your values, beliefs, ideas). Live without too much expectation except for the unexpected (so when that happens it will be less of a shock!). Find ways to keep your perspective fresh! Meet people from many cultures, talk to those with ideas different to your own, it will make life richer, and you never know, despite your differences you might even discover a ‘soul mate' .


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