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After Treatment

People often report that they sleep particularly well after a reflexology treatment, and notice a reduction in stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, digestive discomfort, tension pains, and headaches.

It is advisable to stay well-hydrated with plenty of water or herbal tea for at least 24 hours after treatment.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment based on the idea that all the organs and systems of the body are represented in corresponding reflex points on the hands and feet.  The application of pressure to these reflex points is thought to have an impact on the relevant areas of the body.

How can reflexology help?

Reflex points on the feet which feel congested can indicate imbalances in the corresponding areas of the body.  Working all the reflex points of the feet using specific massage techniques, and focussing on any areas of congestion, may support the body's natural healing responses. This can encourage a state of deep relaxation, restore  balance, and result in a sense of improved health and wellbeing.  Reflexology is suitable for most people, whether for support with something specific, and for general relaxation.

What to expect?

At the first appointment there will be a consultation conversation which may take 10 - 15 minutes.  For the treatment shoes and socks are removed, you can then recline and relax on a massage table or special chair.  Your feet will be cleaned using organic wipes, and organic powder or cream applied as the therapist works on your feet.  People often drift off during treatment, and report finding reflexology to be relaxing and enjoyable - even those who don't like their feet being touched!

What will it cost?

60 minutes                             55.00

45 minutes*                           44.00

*(follow-up sessions only)

Discounts available click here for details

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