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India Yoga Retreat: 16-23 January 2024

Have you practiced Yoga before?
Are you happy to be assisted during Yoga (with physical adjustments)
I am medically, physically, emotionally and in all respects fit and able to participate in this retreat

Thank you for applying for the India Yoga retreat. We will be in touch soon.

This retreat is now fully booked. Please email us to go on our waiting list for the next retreat.


India Yoga Retreat Terms and Conditions


It is your responsibility to fully understand the terms and conditions for the retreat. Please read carefully what is and is not included in your retreat package as outlined on the website. Should you have questions regarding the terms and conditions, we are available for consultation and would be happy to clarify any areas in advance of signing a contract with us.







All prices are per person and are set in advance of the retreat start date. Prices include retreat costs only as outlined on the website; they do not include travel costs to and from the retreat.  With exception of; collection by taxi from Mumbai airport for retreat arrival to be at the retreat venue before 5pm on Tuesday 16th January 2024.




Payment deposit will be made via the website link provided after completing retreat application form. The remaining payment can be made by bank transfer to account details of retreat Host provided after booking retreat place and paying initial deposit of £111 to secure your place.


All Payments are non-refundable. Final Payment is due by 16th December 2023.  If full payment is not received by this deadline, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and fill your spot. We will make every effort to avoid this situation by contacting you prior to and on the day of the balance due date.




The retreat Host (Helen Barnett) reserves the right to cancel the retreat or make changes to advertised activities if there is an immediate necessity to do so (including excursions, arranged transportation, workshops, etc). In the rare event that the retreat is cancelled by the host, 100% of the amount deposited would be returned.  The Host is not responsible for any expenses or damages incurred as a result of retreat cancellation including preparation costs, airline tickets, travel documents or other expenses.  Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover such eventualities.


If you decide to cancel your place on the retreat:

Your deposit or any other amounts paid for the retreat will not be refunded, unless:

• You replace your booking with another person who completes the retreat application form.  Until a replacement is found, there will be no refund for the money paid. Deposit remains non-refundable.

• If you are unable to attend because of extenuating circumstance, this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and does not guarantee a refund will be granted.


If you wish to cancel your retreat place you must notify Helen Barnett (“The Host”) via email at


Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for ANY reason. There are no refunds offered for retreat payments, unless the retreat participant can find a replacement attendee to completely take over their place financially. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a retreat early.





It is usually required to have at least 6 months validity on your passport at time of travel.  You take full responsibility for organising relevant visas to travel to the country of the retreat.


I acknowledge that I have voluntarily enrolled to participate in this retreat. In consideration of The Host allowing me to participate, I agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risks. On behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, successors, administrators and any other person who may have an interest at common law or by operation of statute, I hereby waive any and all claims I or such parties may have now or in the future. I release from liability The Host and any teachers, employees, assistants, guides, agents or representatives (“the releasees”) for any personal injury, death, property damage or loss or any nature suffered by me as a result of participation in any activity on the retreat. I release from liability The Host for any cause whatsoever including those arising out of, or in any way connected to or occasioned by the negligence of the releasees.


I hereby agree that I, my assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, and legal representatives will not make a claim against, sue or attach the property of The Host, their affiliates, teachers, employees, agents or volunteers or any of their affiliated organizations for injury or damage resulting from acts, howsoever caused, by any employee, agent, or contractor, or any of their affiliated organizations, as a result of my participation in The Host’s retreats. I hereby release The Host, and any of their agents or affiliated organizations from all actions, claims or demands that I, my assigns, heirs, distributees, guardians, and legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury, damage, or death resulting from my participation in The Host’s retreats.

I am medically, physically, emotionally and in all respects fit and able to participate in The Host’s retreats.

I agree I will be fully and financially responsible for my own physical condition and well-being during the retreat and will follow the safety precautions and instructions prescribed by The Host.

I acknowledge that The Host may make suggestions from time to time that are intended to help me and my well-being. However, I take ultimate responsibility for my choices and realize that The Host is not a licensed medical provider.

If I experience pain or discomfort during the retreat, I will modify The Host’s instruction to suit my individual needs. I will not hold The Host responsible for any pain or discomfort I experience during or after the retreat. I understand that the activities offered on this retreat are not a substitute for medical care. I understand that The Host is not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments, diagnose, prescribe, or treat physical or mental illness.

By agreeing to the terms of the retreat outlined here and elsewhere on the The Host’s website I hereby release and discharge my rights and claims for damages or liabilities that may occur as a result of participation on a The Host’s retreat. I hereby release and discharge my rights and claims for damages or liabilities that may occur as a result of participation on a The Host’s retreat.

Retret terms and conditions
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