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Wellness Sessions

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Who are Soul Medicine Wellness Sessions for?

Soul Medicine Wellness Sessions are for anyone who is sincerely committed to improve health, wellbeing, and the quality of life


Do you wish to receive support on your health journey?

1:1 Wellness sessions are for anyone who wants to:

  • be listened to in a supportive environment

  • have a chance to reflect on what health means for you

  • reconnect with who you really are and what you need

  • set clear health goals

  • feel empowered to live a healthy vibrant life

Book your

1:1 Soul Medicine Wellness Session here:

Soul Medicine Wellness Sessions

Bringing you back to your true self

1:1 Wellness Session

(new intake April 2024 - book here)

Connect with your inner wisdom...

But first...

What is health?

"Health is multi-dimensional.

To be truly healthy we must address our

physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing."

These sessions allow you to explore your personal definition of what health means for you, and how you would like your own health to look.

Why book a 1:1 session?


Would you like more energy, to feel more rested, to sleep better, to feel less anxious, to manage stress well...

...or simply to learn how to best take care of your health?

Soul Medicine gets to the roots of all this!

A 1:1 session will be an intensive (but not intense) exploration of what it means for you personally to be healthy and well.


It provides a moment for self-reflection, and space for a wider perspective.


Together we will unravel your main health or wellness concern and discover ways that work for you to sustainably support yourself in healthy vibrant living.

Would you like to learn about tools, techniques, plants, and practices which can support you on your health journey?


Once you create a relationship with these support systems, they will become like old friends: they will always be there for you to call on in times of need.

How does the session unfold?

Together we will explore your current main priority for your health and wellbeing (e.g. stress management or better sleep).


This is how...

1 x 90-minute session (via zoom): through a detailed conversation we will unravel the roots of your main health concern.


The meeting will incorporate these aspects:


  • CONNECTION: you will be asked to tune-in, and to connect with how you are really feeling

  • REFLECTION: through self-reflection discover what your health needs truly are

  • INTENTION: set clear intentions about how you would like to feel with your health and why

  • CLARITY: through this conversation and self-reflection you will receive the opportunity to get really clear on the vision of your personal health goals: you can decide how you would like to meet your needs for supporting your health goals

  • SUPPORT: you will learn about tools, techniques, and practices which can support you on your health journey

  • CHOICE: you will decide which tools and resources to integrate as part of your personal support for your health needs and goals

  • HONOUR: this is the 'how' you can honour your health needs and goals.  You will set the intention of what, when, and where you will integrate as your persona support system, in a way which feels manageable, accessible, and sustainable for you (e.g. from foods, herbs, Yoga practices, daily habits - appropriate guidance on these will be provided)*

You will be sent any relevant video links, recordings, or herb recipes as part of the resources you choose to integrate, and guidance on any practices.*

*(A Yoga nidra recording (guided relaxation) may be included in this if you choose this as part of your support).

Investment and how to book


Investment: £111

What is included:

  • initial session (up to 90 minutes)

  • follow-up session (up to 45 minutes, within 1 month of first session)



*Available when you book Spring Clean Workshop or 1:1 Yoga course.

To book your Wellness session click here:

Soul Medicine Wellness Programmes

Would you like to chat to find out more?

There are often questions before booking a 1:1 session.

The simple answer?

Book a free 15-minute discovery call to ask any questions about the sessions, and discover whether we would like to work together.

Wellness Session Booking
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