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Thai Herbal Compress

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After Treatment

People often report that they feel equally relaxed, calm, and free of aches and pains after treatment.

It is advisable to stay well-hydrated with plenty of water or herbal tea for at least 24 hours after treatment.

What are Thai herbal compresses?

Thai herbal compresses can be combined as part of a Thai Yoga massage session or given as a stand-alone treatment.  The deeply therapeutic benefits of medicinal herbs are delivered in the form of hot compresses, blending fresh and dried plant materials such as leaves, flowers and roots which are wrapped in cloth bundles and steamed to release the beautiful aromas and medicinal properties.  These compresses are then applied topically to the body to achieve the desired effect such as to stimulate blood flow, relax muscles and nervous system, or reduce inflammation.  The treatment is wonderful for relieving muscular tension, warming, relaxing and nourishing the whole body and mind.

How can Thai herbal compresses help?

Herbal compress therapy aims to relax and harmonize the body; traditionally used in Thailand for soldiers returning from battle to ease their mental state and relax the body.  The powerful combination of heat and medicinal herbs helps to relax muscles, tendons and ligaments, relieve aches and pains, stimulate circulation of blood and lymph, and improve skin conditions.  The treatment is also considered to ease blockages along the energy lines (Sen) in the body, which can be of physical and emotional nature, with the comforting application of warmth.  Compresses can be bespoke-blended for specific conditions, leaving recipients feeling totally relaxed and nurtured!

What to expect?

At the first appointment there will be a conversation about your general health which may take 10-15 minutes.  The treatment is carried out either on a comfortable futon mat on the floor, or a on massage table depending on your preference / what is required.  The treatment is carried out either fully clothed wearing loose cotton (or other natural fibre) clothing, or it may be necessary to remove some clothing and you will be covered with towels.  The session may include a combination of Thai Yoga massage techniques and application of herbal compresses.

What will it cost?

50 minutes          55.00 (herbal compress for specific area)

75 minutes          66.00 (with Thai Yoga Massage)

90 minutes          77.00 (with Thai Yoga Massage)

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