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Thai Yoga Massage

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After Treatment

People often report that they feel equally energised, relaxed, and calm after receiving a Thai Yoga massage.


People often notice a sense of being more in-touch with their body, and  relief of muscular aches, pains and general tension.

It is advisable to stay well-hydrated with plenty of water or herbal tea for at least 24 hours after treatment.


Helen's massage is divine. She made me feel heaven on earth. She massage me with her hands and heart. If you haven't tried her massage yet. I would highly recommend you to do so.”

-Cicely, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

"Best Thai massage ever received.  Thanks to Helen, which I highly recommend."

-P.  Lawyer

“I had a Thai yoga massage with Helen this week. Helen was professional, friendly and helpful. My treatment was wonderful. I felt stretched and relaxed when I finished. I had a little problem in my shoulder, Helen was able to work this area and really made a positive difference to it. I highly recommend Helen and would love to come back and see her for another treatment. Thank you Helen for a really lovely experience.”

-Joanne, Counsellor

"Helen offers a marvellous Thai massageDeeply refreshing and nourishing... Having had many massages in Thailand I give Helen a thumbs up for her skill as a therapist and professionalism."

-Robin, Writer

"A most relaxing, uplifting, wonderful, life affirming Thai massage! Happy birthday me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Helen!"

 -Laura, Actor

“My first time meeting Helen as well as my first Thai yoga massage. I was throughly impressed with her professionalism and her experience. The Thai massage was awesome and would definitely recommend her services”



Thai Massage Healing Bodywork

Thai Yoga Massage / Thai Massage or Nuad Thai, traditional Thai massage is regarded as part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai healthcare:


“It is a manual therapy, involving bodily manipulation in which the practitioner helps rebalance the patient’s body, energy and structure to treat illnesses believed to be caused by the obstruction of energy flow along ‘sen’ lines...”


A therapeutic bodywork, a deep tissue massage, a graceful flowing dance between recipient and practitioner - the essence of Thai massage is difficult to express with words! Each session is unique depending on what is required at that moment for each individual, but the primary focus is to remove blockages and tensions, from the physical and energetic body.

The history of Thai massage links it to the Buddha's physician, and it is reported to have been practiced in the grounds of Buddhist temples in Thailand. Now offered in many parts of the world, and outside the context of religion, a strong foundation of this bodywork modality is that it is offered with the Buddhist principles of compassion, and practised with Metta (loving kindness).

Thai bodywork is really more than physical massage - it is a meditative practice, and a healing therapy.

Working on the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual, this healing art creates deep shifts in the health and wellbeing of the receiver which can continue to adjust long after a session has finished.

How can it help?

The fundamental aim of Thai Yoga massage is to shift stuck energy in the body. In practice, through physical manipulation of the body and breathwork, this translates to:

  • relaxing muscle tensions

  • easing aches and pain

  • dissolving mental tensions.


As energy begins to flow more freely through your being, it allows not only your body to feel more relaxed, light, and easier to move, but your mind to become calmer, clearer and more peaceful.  It creates more harmony between the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, allowing you to travel through life with more energy, greater ease and joy, whatever it brings!

Physically it can help to improve circulation, adjust poor postural habits, realign the body, relieve both physical and emotional tensions. It is suitable for most people, including those who are pregnant, and the elderly.


People may attend for Thai Massage for a specific health issue (injury, ache or pain, health condition), or to relax (also an important therapeutic tool!).

What to expect?

Treatment is carried out on a comfortable futon mat on the floor, usually fully dressed wearing loose-fitting comfortable clothing (clothing can be provided).


At the first appointment there will be a consultation conversation to find out about your health, and your focus for the session.  At other sessions we will always check in before we start to see how you are and if there are any health changes.

I work intuitively, so the treatments will vary from person to person, and session to session.  Thai massage bodywork usually involves a combination of rhythmic palming and thumbing, acupressure, assisted yoga stretches, gentle rocking, breath-work, application of herbal balms or compresses.

People often report feeling both relaxed and energised after a treatment, and that they feel more in touch with / aware of their body. Sometimes the body can be adjusting for several days after a session.

What will it cost?

60 minutes          55.00

90 minutes          77.00

120 minutes        99.00

Interested in Learning Thai Massage?

I offer introductory workshops for Thai Massage. 

You will be taught:

Fundamentals of this healing art

A simple routine to practice on friends and family

Techniques which can enhance an already established massage practice or Yoga teaching.

To find out the schedule for workshops, or book a workshop for your own group, be in touch here...

Online Massage Tuition
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