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Health Writing

We have collaborated with the organisation Herbal Reality, writing articles about health and herbs (see below).  These articles include detailed information about health conditions, herbs, and holistic solutions which can be of benefit.


We are really pleased to see knowledge about herbs being shared to a wider audience through the Herbal Reality platform.  If you would like to learn how to work with herbs see the herb courses page of our website for herbal medicine courses and workshops.

To discover more about any of the health conditions listed here simply click on the links below to be taken to the herbal reality website where you can see the full articles.

Herbal Medicine Articles

Blepharitis and Conjunctivitis


Brain Fog & Memory Loss NEWLY ADDED

Broken Bones


Children’s Behaviour, Hyperactivity, and ADHD


Children’s Immunity



Elderly Health




Hormone Health: Stress and Immunity



Sleep: How it Works and Herbs to Support It


5 Herbs Instead of Anti-Anxiety Medication


5 Herbs instead of Antibiotics NEWLY ADDED

5 Herbs Instead of Laxatives


5 Herbs for External Application Instead of Pain Killers


Saw Palmetto Monograph (Men’s Health)

HB Healthy Blog


You can also visit our blog page where you will find writing on Yoga and different health-related subjects. Click here to be taken to the blog.

If there are any subjects related to Yoga, herbs, health, wellbeing, or self-care that you would like to know more about and see in a future article or blog post, please tell us! Get in touch here to tell us what you want to read about.

If you would like to commission us to write an article for your organisation or publication, get in touch here.

Herbal Medicine Articles
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