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1:1 Yoga & Yoga Therapy

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1:1 Yoga Testimonials

"I’ve had several 121 online classes with Helen since last September and I am much better mentally and physically. We spend the beginning of each session with talking about my mood and my body and how I feel and then Helen would work out what I need.

I love working with Helen as she listens to me and designs the movement based on my mood on that day. I would recommend her and her 121 online classes to everyone who don’t want to go to busy gyms or don’t have time to do lots of exercise during week."


“Had a 1-2-1 yoga session with Helen at the beach whilst sun was going down - such an amazing and unique experience - simply magical. I was left with a sense of peace and renewed energy which is difficult to describe. Highly highly recommended”



1:1 Yoga Sessions
(April 2024)

Yoga sessions are personalised to your specific needs, and how you wish to explore Yoga.

Suitable for complete beginners, and seasoned practitioners who want to go deeper on their Yoga journey.

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Why 1:1 Yoga?

Traditionally Yoga was taught in a 1:1 setting where teachings were passed on from teacher to student.

Yoga classes are now available far and wide: the collective energy of practising Yoga in community can be powerful.

However, not everyone feels comfortable or gains the full benefits of Yoga practice in this environment.

For some people learning Yoga on a 1:1 basis will be more beneficial.


1:1 Yoga may feel like a safer setting if you are starting out on your Yoga journey. It will give you the space to really listen to your body.

And if you are already familiar with Yoga, 1:1 sessions may provide the guidance you seek to deepen your exploration of Yoga, in whichever areas you wish...

  • Yoga Asana (the 'postures' and body movements)

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama (breathing and vital energy practices)

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Yoga Philosophy and Psychology

  • Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)

  • Yoga Lifestyle

The Benefits

1:1 Yoga sessions will be created specifically for you, with your unique needs tailored for.

The positive outcomes of Yoga practice can include calmer mind and clearer thinking, sense of connection to self and purpose in world, greater resilience to external stress, feeling of inner peace.


Other beneficial side-effects of regular Yoga practice are:

  • Increased Muscle Tone and Strength

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Improved Balance

  • Increased Ability to Manage Stress in daily life

  • Improved Mental Wellbeing (reduced anxiety levels)

  • Increased Sense of Inner Peace

  • Greater Sense of Purpose to Life

I have observed that people progress quickly in 1:1 sessions with their Yoga practice.

The goal of these sessions is to empower you with knowledge and skills that you can take into your daily life, and continue your own practice with.

Sessions take place online, or in person (depending on location).

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is a wonderful therapeutic instrument which can help in managing and overcoming many health conditions, which in turn improves the quality of your daily life.


When you feel better, everything about life feels better!


Yoga therapy addresses many health concerns, to name a few:

  • Backache

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Digestive Health

  • Aches and Pains

  • Tension Headaches

  • Healthy Weight

What does Yoga Therapy involve?

There will be a consultation before we begin the Yoga therapy.  This is a conversation to understand your health history and your current health condition, and any factors affecting this.


Based on the consultation a programme of practices will be designed for you, adapted specifically to meet your needs wherever you are at in your health journey.


You will be guided through these practices with clear instruction, in a safe, supported way, and at a pace suitable for you.  They are tailored to you and your current abilities.

For the best results at least one session per week is recommended, for a fixed period of time depending on condition (minimum 6 weeks programme).

How does Yoga Therapy work?

Yoga Therapy works with the body-mind complex and includes many techniques which will be selected specifically for each individual. The techniques we typically draw on are:

  • Physical postures (Asana)

  • Energy breathing techniques (Pranayama)

  • Cleansing practices (Kriyas)

  • Meditation

  • Guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra)


Alongside these techniques and practices the Yoga therapy programme may also include naturopathic treatments, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, to support the best outcomes for your health.

Yoga therapy can work alongside conventional medical treatment, or as a stand-alone therapy, depending on the condition.


Why Yoga Therapy with HB Healthy?

Yoga Therapy sessions with me are unique.


Over 10-years of clinical practice as a medical herbalist, provides in-depth knowledge and experience in helping people with a variety of medical conditions.  This gives insight into the physiology or inner workings of your body.

As a bodywork therapist with over 12-years of experience, from the Thai Yoga massage tradition (which fuses massage techniques, energy work, and meditation).  This brings insight into the mechanics and anatomy of the physical body, and the energetics of the subtle or energy body.

A regular and committed Yoga practice since 2005, which has evolved and taken many forms from the very physical to the subtle and energetic. This has seen me through so much life change, ill-health, burnout, stress, anxiety, grief, joys, and much more... to a place of knowing that I can always return to inner stability, whatever comes from outside.

From this, I understand that there is no one size fits all with Yoga practices, and will tailor a programme to suit the uniqueness of you.

I work with a unique skillset developed from this strong foundation of knowledge with experience, which is guided by intuition.

I am able to asses the fundamentals of blockages in the anatomy, physiology, and energetics of your being, and understand how we can best remove these blockages to improve your health, wellbeing, and vitality!

Do you have stress, anxiety, or another a health condition which may benefit from Yoga therapy?

Book a FREE discovery call to see if we can work together.

Please note: Yoga Therapy requires your commitment to attend sessions regularly throughout the programme.

If you are interested in improving your health and wellbeing this way, then please be in touch.

1:1 Yoga
Yoga Therapy
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"I have been running for many years and recently been suffering with my knee.


Helen was able to do yoga with me to help release it and to stretch it out.


I found Helen very professional. I am now without any knee pain.

Thank you Helen for all your help."



"Helen is an Amazing Teacher, so calm, knowledgeable & passionate about Yoga.


She instils  confidence and encouragement to succeed. She is extremely friendly and goes that extra mile.


Thank you Helen."


History of Yoga Therapy

Yogic practices were not actually developed with the intention of treating health conditions!

The ultimate goal of Yoga is the union between mind and body, between the human soul and the infinite or divine.

 But there are many other benefits to health and wellbeing which can be received from regular Yoga practice, which are accessible to anyone.


Through the centuries it was observed that many people’s health appeared to improve with regular and consistent practice of Yoga.


From this Yoga therapy has been developed.

The therapeutic benefits of Yoga cannot be ignored, even if this was never its ultimate purpose.


In response to a rise in chronic health conditions, stress, and anxiety, Yoga therapy has begun to be shared over the past few decades.

There are now many Yoga therapy hospitals in India where programmes of Yoga therapy are delivered to successfully treat a range of health conditions. 


In Western healthcare Yoga is becoming recognised amongst medical professionals as a valuable therapeutic intervention to assist in managing many lifestyle and stress-related health issues.


Stress is estimated to be the root cause of around 90% of disease, and because of its potential to improve our responses to stress, Yoga has great potential as an important tool in improving the situation of an ever-expanding human health crisis.

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