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Thai Foot Massage

Thai yoga massage Exeter, Devon
After Treatment

People often report that they feel equally refreshed, relaxed, and calm after receiving a Thai Foot massage.

People often notice a sense of being more in-touch with their body, and  relief of aches, pains and tension in the feet and lower legs.

It is advisable to stay well-hydrated with plenty of water or herbal tea for at least 24 hours after treatment.

What is Thai Foot massage?

Thai foot massage is a deep and profound massage treatment working on the feet and lower legs, evolved from a combination of Chinese massage and Thai massage techniques.  The principle is based on the link between the feet and the internal organs, and that most of the sensory nerves which innervate internal organs are connected to the soles of the feet, so by working on the feet the activity of the internal organs is thought to be affected, similarly to Reflexology - in fact Thai Foot Massage is sometimes called ‘Thai Foot Reflexology’!

How can Thai foot massage help?

Thai foot massage aims to stimulate and balance the activity of the internal organs, and promote the circulation of blood and lymph, which in turn helps to encourage the natural elimination (or ‘detoxifying’) processes in the body.  The treatment mobilises all parts of the feet, working the lower legs up to the knee. The feet and lower legs are left feeling refreshed and invigorated due to the improved circulation.

What to expect?

At the first appointment there will be a conversation about your general health which may take 10-15 minute. Treatment is carried out either on a comfortable futon mat on the floor, or a on massage table depending on your preference.  Shoes and socks are removed, your feet will be cleaned, and oil or balm applied to the feet and lower legs.  The treatment is carried out using massage techniques with hands and a special wooden stick to work specific reflex points, with the overall benefits of release tension and improve circulation.

What will it cost?

45 minutes          44.00

60 minutes          55.00

90 minutes          77.00*

*(combined with head, neck & shoulder massage)

*Discounts available click here for details.

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