Lockdown Links

Lockdown Links

This is an extension of the usual Lovely Links page, designed as a small easily accessible and ever evolving guide to some online resources with two primary goals:

  1. Providing resources which might provide additional support for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

  2. Providing details of small businesses which you may wish to support, whose offerings include stuff related to the first point and a few other things...

Click for the following resources Complementary Health, Food and Foraging,  Yoga, Other.

Explore and enjoy! 


Complementary Health

(online consultations and useful information sources)

Aromatherapy advice and bespoke blends sent to your door, email lydia@botanicandremedy.co.uk or see her social media links on her website for details of what she can offer https://botanicandremedy.co.uk/


Nutritional Therapy Online consultations available with https://www.lesleyharper.co.uk/


Osteopathy emergency appointments available in-person for critical workers, online consultation for posture / exercise related stuff https://www.health-house.co.uk/


The Herb Society – some interesting information on herbs https://herbsociety.org.uk/


Solidarity Apothecary includes a useful directory of herbal practitioners who offer sliding scale herbal medicine support https://solidarityapothecary.org/directory/

Food and Foraging

(a collection of local small independent food retailers, and a foraging source for free healthy local food!)

Boatyard Bakery local handmade bread delivered or collected and in collaboration with Realfood store (see below) stocking some of their items https://emmasbakeryltd.selz.com/


Eatweeds resource on foraging including recipes, podcasts and A-Z plant guide https://www.eatweeds.co.uk/

On this website I also stumbled upon a really useful looking page called 'Coronavirus Support and Other Resources' which is far more informative and detailed than this one so check it out (I have not read all of the links but it will be a potential goldmine of treasure and information!) https://www.eatweeds.co.uk/coronavirus-herbal-antivirals#Herbal_and_SelfCare_Advice_on_the_Coronavirus


Real Food Store (currently closed but this page is interesting) http://www.realfoodexeter.co.uk/call-for-ideas


The Flat offers really delicious handmade pizza (vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available!) https://www.theflatexeter.co.uk/

Zerowaste the clue is in the name, a small independent family-run zero packaging health food shop offering an online ordering option for collection https://myzerolifestyle.co.uk/


(links to other online classes with small studios and local Devon-based teachers I can find links for!)

Emma Cayless offering a few weekly online session https://devonthaimassage.com/yoga/

Cicely's Yoga various online classes http://www.cicelysbeauty.co.uk/_LIVE__online_Yoga.html

Tina Jeffery Yoga daily online classes at 9.30am https://www.tinajeffery.com/classes

Torquay Yoga weekdays at 6.00pm online classes https://www.yogatorquay.co.uk/live-online-classes.html

Hbhealthy Yoga a developing resource of FREE online Yoga sessions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtbAEglfoOMe5yqOBYsbfIQ?view_as=subscriber


(other health-related resources, plus a music album by a talented friend, and a song by a friend's daughter!)

Healthflix Online community created by health and wellbeing experts to help with the stress of the COVID19 situation (includes talks, breathing techniques, meditations etc) https://www.healthflix.online/

National Centre for Integrative Medicine a health and wellbeing organisation based in Bristol, offering various talks, webinars, workshops and courses on the subject of health, resilience and wellbeing https://ncim.org.uk/

Our Health Directory an evidence-based resource on self-care guidance for health, they have a page specifically related to COVID-19 https://ourhealth.directory/living-with-coronavirus/

Positive News pioneers in ‘constructive journalism…focussed on progress, possibility, and solutions'. https://www.positive.news/

Hopes of the Rainbow a song written and performed by a friend’s daughter which might bring a little smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zitvAkqDf60

Music by Lydia Kaye talented singer-songwriter and friend!  Link to her album (you can listen and / or buy it if you like it!) https://fanlink.to/SeventhSense