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Herb Courses

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Spring Clean
Herb Workshop
11th April 2024
Love notes from previous attendees...

“I just love Helen's workshops. I've taken two now, one of which was over several sessions, on the subject of medicinal/edible herbs. What I appreciate most is Helen's ability to present the science, history, energy, folklore and recipes in a balanced, clear and interesting way. I love how she combines herbal knowledge with yogic practices. A truly holistic approach which has benefitted me me greatly in my day to day wellness routines. I'll definitely take more of Helen's workshops if I get the opportunity.”

~Hazel, 2024

"Had an absolutely brilliant day recently attending the (herbal remedy making) workshop at Chagford community gardens. Loads of information, very inclusive and masses of enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you x"

~Denise, 2017 (Devon, UK)

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