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Yoga Therapy

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History of Yoga Therapy

Yogic practices were not actually developed with the intention of treating health conditions.  The ultimate goal of Yoga is the union between mind and body, between the human soul and the infinite or divine.


However, through the centuries it was observed that many people’s health appeared to improve with regular and consistent practice of Yoga.


From this Yoga therapy has been developed, in response to a rise in health conditions, and the fact that the therapeutic benefits of Yoga cannot be ignored. There are now many Yoga therapy hospitals in India where programmes of Yoga therapy are delivered to successfully treat a range of health conditions. 


In Western healthcare Yoga is becoming recognised amongst medical professionals as a valuable therapeutic intervention to assist in managing many lifestyle and stress-related health issues. Stress is estimated to be the root cause of around 90% of disease, and so Yoga offers great potential as an important tool in improving the situation of an ever-expanding human health crisis.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is a wonderful therapeutic instrument which can help in managing and overcoming many health conditions, which in turn improves the quality of your daily life.


When you feel better, everything about life feels better!


Yoga therapy addresses health concerns such as backache, digestive health, stress and anxiety, tension headaches, weight gain, to name a few.

A specific programme of practices will be tailored to meet your unique requirements, which you will be guided through in a safe, supported way, and at a pace suitable for you.


Yoga therapy will involve a health consultation at or before the first session.  This is a conversation to understand your lifestyle, your health condition, and any factors affecting this.  Based on the consultation a treatment programme will be designed especially for you, adapted specifically to meet your needs wherever you are at in your health journey.


Yoga Therapy works with the body-mind complex and includes many techniques which will be selected specifically for each individual. The techniques we typically draw on are:

  • Physical postures (Asana)

  • Energy breathing techniques (Pranayama)

  • Cleansing practices (Kriyas)

  • Meditation

  • Guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra)


Alongside these techniques and practices the Yoga therapy programme may also include naturopathic treatments, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, all to support the best outcomes for your health.

Yoga therapy can work alongside conventional medical treatment, or as a stand-alone therapy, depending on the condition.  I am also a trained medical herbalist with over 10-years clinical experience, so have in-depth knowledge and experience in helping people with a variety of medical conditions. This means that I am skilled in assessing how we can best work together with Yoga therapy to improve your health, whatever your condition!

Book a discovery call to see if Yoga therapy might be for you!

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