"Yogaha chitta vritti nirodha chitta"
'Yoga is the stilling of the
disturbances of the mind'
Definition of Yoga translated from Patanjali's Yoga Sutra.


What is Yoga?

The word Yoga is often defined as 'union', and translated from the Sanskrit language it means to 'yoke' or unite.  Yoga has evolved through a rich philosophical history, which in modern-day practice often translates as movement and breathing practices carried out with conscious awareness. The purpose of these practices we call Yoga is to create a sense of unity between body and mind, bringing us to a place of calm and stillness, which allows us to realise our greatest potential.

How can Yoga help?

Yoga allows us to access our natural state of inner peace.  Helping to bring our attention into the present moment, we are moved towards a sense of inner harmony and balance, which can contribute to an improved sense of wellbeing.  When practised with comfort, ease, and awareness, Yoga has the potential to benefit health through relaxation of the mind, an increase in flexibility of the body, improved muscle tone and posture, and the relief of aches and pains, to name but a few.

What to expect?

Yoga is shared through classes (currently online), workshops, retreats, and pop-up events in nature.  Each session embraces many traditional aspects of Hatha Yoga practice including physical postures (Asana), breathing practices (Pranayama), cleansing techniques (Kriyas), and chanting (mantra), woven together with a lightness and humour.

Many people believe that they might not be flexible enough to do you Yoga, this is a misconception!  Flexibility is one of the beneficial side-effects of physical Yoga practice, but not a pre-requisite.  Basically, if you can breathe then you can practice Yoga! All are welcome to join, including those with no previous experience.  It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in.

Yoga sessions for the workplace, events, and 1:1 sessions also available, see further details here.  For further details on upcoming classes, workshops1:1 or workplace sessions please be in touch.

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