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Herbal Medicine

Thai Yoga Massage



"I came to Helen... for herbal medicine and reflexology after a 3 month cold I just couldn't shift at a busy time during my studies. Helen was warm, informative and very understanding. I found that combining herbal medicine with better attention to my all-round diet really helped my immune system and I was feeling much better within a few weeks. I have subsequently been more attentive to diet and drinking water - simple changes have made a huge difference. Sometimes, the few minutes of time out to take stock and consult a professional like Helen is well-worth while. The reflexology was a real treat in the midst of an otherwise busy final year of the PhD and helped with circulation during the winter months."


E. PhD student

"I asked help to Helen for some pain and stiffness I had in neck, spine and shoulders that I was having since many years. The massage was deep yet at the same time very gentle. After first massage I felt my shoulders more opened and the spine relaxed. I had a total of 5 massages with Helen and every time, as my back opened more and more, the work was going deeper, relaxing and freeing deep seated tensions. After the 5 sessions, I noticed that also my yoga practice reflected the benefit of a more opened and flexible spine. I highly recommend working with Helen to anyone who is looking for an effective and caring therapist! Thank you Helen!"


Anna, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

"Helen's expertise is invaluable.  Like a physio, she will literally fix your body parts if they are behaving a little naughty like mine just before exams from over-exertion.  I can't recommend her enough."


Ferzana, Student

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