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Herb Courses

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About the course

Do you feel rushed or stressed-out most of the time?  Would you like to learn how to live more in synch with nature? Would you like to know how to tune-into and trust your intuition? Would you like simple techniques and skills which can bring more peace and harmony to your daily life?

This course aims to encourage your connection with nature, allowing you to embrace your wholeness of being.

Through the unique combination of Yoga and Herbs, you will learn practical skills which can be implemented into daily life to keep you feeling grounded and rooted.  This includes Yoga techniques and Home Herbal Remedy Making.

You will develop the skill of tuning-in to and trusting your intuition, your inner nature.  You will be connecting with other humans, and also making new friends in the form of plants, enabling you to develop a deeper connection to the outer nature surrounding you, bringing with it a wonderful sense of belonging.  Your being on this earth is precious and valuable!

What is included


  • Recordings of all Yoga techniques covered during the course

  • Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) Recording

  • Weekly LIVE online Yoga classes

  • Access to online ARCHIVE of 30+ hours of recorded Yoga classes 


  • Home Herbal Apothecary Kit for all the remedies made during the course

  • Herb Profiles for all the herbs covered during the course

  • Recipes for all remedies made during the course

  • FREE 50g Hand-made Relaxing Herbal Tea Blend


What Else:

  • Weekly Online Meetings (these will be recorded so you can catch up if you miss a live one!)

  • The chance to connect with a community of other like-minded individuals, to pick my brains about all things Yoga and Herbs, and to get re-connected to our host, mother nature!

Dates 2022
Next Course: Starts October 2022
Cost and How to Book
Bookings for this course will open soon.  If you are interested in registering for the next course, please click here to hear first...
This course is currently only available to those with a UK address where the home herbal apothecary kit can be sent.
Herb Walk HB Healthy Herbs.jpg
About the walk

A herb walk to connect with the abundance of nature, learn to tune into our intuition, and discover the medicinal virtues of plants.

Dates & Locations
New dates for 2022 to be confirmed
Exeter (location revealed after booking)
Gentle walk approximately 1 - 2 miles.
maximum 5 participants.
Stay on for a cup of tea at the end!
New dates for 2022 to be confirmed
Sussex (location revealed after booking)
Gentle walk approximately 1 - 2 miles,
maximum 10 participants.
Stay on for a cup of tea at the end!


"Had an absolutely brilliant day recently attending the workshop at Chagford community gardens. Loads of information, very inclusive and masses of enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you x"



"Helen is amazing, I highly recommend her to anyone, as she understands her craft perfectly !!! So if you get the opportunity - go there"


Spring Herb Walk
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