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"Truly one of the most incredible yoga classes I have ever had the privilege to attend. Helen is a very gifted teacher, and effortlessly creates a safe environment where each member of the class is guided to listen deeply to their own bodies. I have never felt so connected during a class, it was powerful and hard to describe but Helen’s voice and presence allowed me to slip into a very deep space within myself. Thank you, thank you! Would recommend to anyone and everyone"




"We can't thank you enough Helen for running the Yoga course at Co-Lab for the staff team. It had such a huge impact on us all and gave us the time out from our busy jobs. We all left each week floating!

Great skill in including everyone of varying level and flexibility!  Thank you so much."

Ella, Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Co-Lab


“I can't speak highly enough of this lovely lady's talent. Helen has the most incredible talent of guiding you through an afternoon of delicious restorative yoga. Her calming voice, upbeat nature and ability to raise a smile or tease a little giggle is a delight.”



Online Classes

Adapting to the current situation, Yoga classes are available online, full class details below...


Class payments

All online classes are payable on a donation basis.

Each class listed below has a link to book, within that booking link you will find button like this...

Click the button to be taken to Paypal link where you can donate with a Paypal account, or credit / debit card.

There is a 'suggested donation' for each class, but the idea is that you pay whatever is affordable for you at that moment, and it is FREE if it needs to be.

I'd love for these online Yoga sessions to be available to anyone who wishes to practice together, without any restrictions on this for financial reasons.

Any donations will be gratefully received, plus if you can afford to pay anything 20% of all profits from classes will be donated to charities supporting those living in refugee camps (Care 4 Calais, Herbalists Without Borders UK, Refugym)

Online Class Details



6.00 - 7.30pm

Traditional Hatha Yoga

‘Being Soft with Yourself’

You are invited on a (virtual) journey of deep and playful exploration with Yoga, through Asana (physical postures), Kriyas (cleansing techniques), and Pranayama (breathing practices).


During the session you will be guided to tune-in to the tools available to you in every moment:

•            the help of your breath

•            friendly self-awareness

•            an openness to playfully explore your unique

             capabilities by changing what you can to become

             more comfortable & accepting any current limitations.


This tuning-in encourages you to maintain a sense of 'inner softness', enabling discovery of a subtle yet powerful combination of strength, ease, focus and relaxation throughout the practice - the point where the mind becomes quiet, and we begin to experience feelings of inner calm and peace (which can be taken into daily life!).


Each session will be rounded off with a dose of deep and juicy relaxation (Yoga nidra).





5.30 - 6.30pm

Restorative Yoga

'That Friday Feeling!'

Give yourself the perfect signal that Friday evening has arrived with a sweet, deep restorative Yoga session completed with a juicy and relaxing Yoga Nidra (a type of Yogic relaxation).  All you need to do is lay down, get comfy, and be still.

Just like pressing the reset button, this practice will ensure you feel fully refreshed and relaxed.





11.15am - 12.30pm

Hatha Yoga

'Easy like Sunday morning!'

Easing you into Sunday like a brunch for body and mind, this joyful session will leave you feeling fully nourished and spring-cleaned, with a sense of smoothing over any physical or mental creases and sweeping the crumbs out from under your armpits!

Family friendly session (family optional!).  Suitable for supervised children and pets, teenagers welcome!


Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga is an excellent way of bringing employees together, even when they are physically apart.

The shared experience of Yoga for your work community provides an opportunity to build connection between those participating, as well as increasing activity levels and potentially improving fitness and mental wellbeing.

Benefits of Workplace Yoga Include:

-Reduced stress

-Relief of physical tensions

(backache & tension headaches)

-Increased fitness levels

-Increased staff morale and overall wellbeing

-Improved sense of connection between colleagues

-Improved productivity due to better mental function

Sessions can be offered to suit your requirements:

-Regular Daily or weekly classes

(early morning / lunchtime / after work)

-One-off wellbeing events or workshops

-Sessions with specific focus:

'Yoga for desk-based workers'

(to ease backache / neck / shoulder tension)

-Shorter, chair-based sessions available

To enquire about how we can work together to bring Yoga to your business or community group...

...we would love to hear from you!

What do you need to practice?
Other than a clear floor space you can easily lay down in, you really don't need anything special to practice Yoga.  The following are helpful:
  • Yoga mat (if you don't have one a large towel or blanket is fine too)
  • Bolster (this is to sit on and can be substituted with a cusion, pillow, or folded blanket)
  • Block (a few books can be used instead, as a steady support for some postures)
  • Blanket (to keep yourself warm during relaxation)
"Brilliant yoga class thank you! Relaxing, pressure free and done at your own pace/ability, would recommend to anyone!"

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