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Cover Classes in Exeter, Devon...
Cover classes have previously been offered at various studios in Exeter, including:
@ Derek The Dog, Exeter
@ Health House, Exeter
@ Lotus Loft, Exeter
and more...
1:1 Yoga
Private Yoga sessions for one or two people
Private sessions to build confidence, focus your practice, or as a gift...
Health House, Barrack Road
Your Home / Office / Friends Home / The Park! (you choose!)
Yoga classes at your convenience
Enjoy classes, courses, or workshops in your lunch-break or straight after work!
At your workplace
For your convenience
The location...
you choose!


"I enjoy the way Helen teaches Yoga, and always feel so good after each session.  I'm keen to continue learning and practising.  Would definitely recommend this course to all beginners!  Thank you Helen, for being so lovely always."

- Vicki

Health House

Barrack Road

Exeter, EX2 5ED




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