Yoga Classes

"Just completed beginners' yoga class, so pleased I could actually do most of the stretches, but learned loads of new ideas to release tension in your body, and the yoga ethos just seems to put your mind in a really tranquil place. Never done it before - you should try it!"
"Brilliant yoga class thank you! Relaxing, pressure free and done at your own pace/ability, would recommend to anyone!"

"We can't thank you enough Helen for running the Yoga course at Co-Lab for the staff team. It had such a huge impact on us all and gave us the time out from our busy jobs. We all left each week floating!


Great skill in including everyone of varying level and flexibility!  Thank you so much."

-Ella (Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Co-Lab)

Cover Classes

The way I share Yoga has evolved!

Currently this includes workshops, and covering classes for many other Yoga teachers, mainly in Exeter.

There are currently no cover classes scheduled (I am away on some Yoga training!), however if you are a teacher or practitioner of Yoga and would like somebody to cover your Yoga classes in Exeter please be in touch here, I would love to hear from you!

What will the class be like?

Helen's Yoga classes playfully weave together traditional aspects of Hatha Yoga; sequences of physical postures (Asana), breathing techniques (Pranayama), chanting (Mantras), Yoga philosophy, and relaxation (Yoga Nidra). Each session is delivered with softness and humour and is underpinned by the core foundations of approaching the practice with ‘steadiness, comfort, and ease’.

The overall aim of the class is to bring our attention into the present moment through synchronised breath awareness and movement, encouraging balance and harmony between the physical, mental and emotional, resulting in a sense of inner calm and peace.


Each session will close with a relaxation, ensuring you feel re-energised for the rest of the week!

Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga is an excellent way of bringing Yoga classes into the workplace, where employees may not otherwise be able to access classes.

The shared experience of Yoga in your workplace or community provides an opportunity to build connection between those attending, as well as increasing activity levels and potentially improving fitness.


Benefits of Workplace Yoga Include:

-Reduce workplace stress

-Relieve physical tensions such as backache & tension headaches

-Increase fitness levels

-Increase staff morale and wellbeing

-Improve sense of connection between colleagues

-Improve productivity due to better mental function.

Sessions are offered with a variety of options to suit your requirements:

-One-off wellbeing events or workshops 

-6-week beginners course

-10-weekly sessions (possible funding available)

-Regular drop-in sessions

To enquire about how we can work together to bring Yoga to your organisation or community...

...we would love to hear from you!

What to bring?
All studios are fully equipped with mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets - just bring yourself with comfortable clothing, and a drink of water.
For classes at Exeter University, community centres or in workplaces, please bring a Yoga mat and a blanket.

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