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Winter Herb Course

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Love notes from previous course participants…

“Thank you Helen. I have learned so much from you. Your courses are incredibly well researched and delivered in such a professional way. The take-aways have been life changing for me as I have found ways to bring in more of the breath and incorporate herbs in to my daily life. Thank you again."

-Course Participant (2023)

"A really well thought out and informative course. A calm haven to escape to in this busy world. I really enjoyed it. Thank you Helen xx"

-Course Participant (2023)

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Love notes from previous course participants…

"The course offered all that I had hoped it would. It has been wonderful to be given the confidence to find ways of using herbs for health. With your teachings I have developed a real appreciation for herbs and a way of connecting with them using gratitude and instinct. Thank you Helen!”

-Course Participant (2022)

"This course was jam packed with content. If you are lucky enough to have the time to commit to this, I strongly recommend you do so because it will improve your quality of life, provide balance and fortify your relationship with nature."

-Course Participant (2023)

About Your Course Host

I am Helen of HB Healthy, the purpose of which is to empower healthy vibrant living.


I grew up with a strong connection to nature, and recognised the healing benefits this connection gifted me (and continues to).  This remains the foundation of what I share.


It is no wonder then that I went on to study herbal medicine and other natural therapies.


I worked as a medical herbalist for 10+ years in clinics in the UK.  During this time, I observed a disconnect that many people had between themselves and their health (including in myself!), often feeling disempowered or overrun by health issues, life and its circumstances.


It became my passion to empower people with knowledge and skills to improve their own health and wellbeing, rather than just ‘prescribing’ herbal medicines.


As a result of this I began teaching herbal medicine courses and workshops.


Since 2016 I have taught herbal medicine in a variety of settings, including to students on degree-level herbal education, for charities, in community centres, on organic farms, retreat venues, and online courses and workshops.


I love sharing herbal wisdom and nature connection with people.  I love witnessing the sense of awe and wonder this creates as people realise what they are part of, this incredible nature!


Since 2005 I have had a committed Yoga practice, which has been positively life changing in ways beyond words.  In 2017 I began teaching Yoga, and as well as standard teacher training have studied courses in Yoga philosophy and psychology, and Yoga therapy.


Elements of these Yoga practices are woven into herbal medicine courses.


In a non-dogmatic manner, they provide a simple invitation to foster connection with your inner nature, and through this to connect with the wider nature.


This is what I call soul medicine.


Soul Medicine

Winter: Be Still

Online Herbal Medicine Course

Be still, feel steady

a sensory journey with plants, to support

healthy vibrant living through the seasons.

Starts: November 2024


Read on to discover more:

about the course,

what you will be taught, what you will receive,

how to book


About the course


This course provides a space to pause.


A portal through which you can dive deeply into an exquisite sensory journey with plants and meditative practices.

It is an invitation to know yourself intimately, to ask how you really are, what you really need, moment to moment.  You will discover practical ways to honour this.


You will be guided to listen to your body, and to drop towards your inner guide and best gift: your intuition.

During the course you will connect with the essence of autumn, of turning inwards and grounding.


Exploring plants which embody the quietness of winter, bringing you down and in, creating a space for reflection through this connection with plants.

It is an opportunity to ‘get quiet’, to hone the skill of listening to and trusting your intuition.

Over four meetings you will learn to explore the external nature in the form of medicinal plants, and your internal nature in the form of your senses and intuition.

You will learn to fine-tune your awareness with practices from Yoga:

  • meditation

  • breathing

  • self-reflection

This will help you to notice the subtle interaction between your internal and external environments; you will begin to recognise their symbiotic relationship, and how this playful dance is intrinsically linked to your own landscape of health.


What you will be taught

  • How to re-establish a healthy balance in your nervous system with meditation, breathing, and self-reflection practices from Yoga traditions, which allow you to develop connection with and trust in your intuition.


  • How to engage with and build a relationship with plants through meditation, and organoleptic practices (with the senses).


  • How to start a home herbal apothecary with 8 Medicinal Plants which support a sense of quietening: discover the history, folklore, traditional applications, medicinal properties, and nuanced characteristics of plants.


  • How to begin safely practising home-herbalism with different herbal formulations, including recipes which will make great festive gifts for yourself and loved ones.


  • How to integrate the tools, techniques, and herbal wisdom from the course into your life, in a practical way which empowers you to support yourself in healthy, vibrant living.


What you will receive


  • Weekly meetings: The course will take place over 4 weekly meetings, each a maximum 90-minutes duration.  Meetings will take place online via zoom.  Recordings of each meeting will be sent to you each week so that you can catch up if you miss a live session.  Recordings will be available for one month following the meeting.  Each meeting will include theory, practical, and time for questions.


  • Course materials: You will be sent Herb Profiles for all plants covered during the course, recipes for all herbal remedies made during the course (plus bonus recipes).  These will be sent in the form of PDF documents.


  • Practices: You will be sent links to access online videos and / or audio recordings of specific mediation and breathing techniques covered during the course for you to practice in your own time.


  • Yoga Nidra: is a powerful form of guided relaxation which accesses the space between the conscious and subconscious mind.  You will be sent a Yoga nidra recording made specifically for the course to practice in your own time.

  • Self-reflection and intention setting: You will be invited to work with self-reflection practices and intention setting throughout the course, to foster your relationship with the plants, and develop trust in your intuition.


  • Connection: You will be provided with access to a private Facebook group for the duration of the course, which will give you a space to ask questions, share experiences and discuss anything related to the course with your fellow students.

When will the course take place

2024 Dates

Session 1:

Wednesday 27th November 18.00 - 19.30 (GMT)


Session 2:

Wednesday 4th December 18.00 - 19.30 (GMT)


Session 3:

Wednesday 11th December 18.00 - 19.30 (GMT)


Session 4:

Wednesday 18th December 18.00 - 19.30 (GMT)

If you cannot make the live sessions you can catch up with the recordings.

**Many past participants have completed the whole course on catch up.**

What Else

After booking your place on the course you will be sent a list of the herbs we will explore during the course.


You will require these herbs in dried form for your Home Herbal Apothecary and to participate in the course.


You will be provided with details of a trusted supplier where you can purchase the herbs required for the course.

The approximate cost of the herbs will be £50 (+postage).


Please note: these herbs are essential for the course, you will need them for the practical elements of the course at each meeting, and to make home herbal remedies in your own time.


Investment and How to Book

Course investment: £99

(bookings close 31st October)

click the button to book...

Special offer:

Autumn & Winter Course Pack

Investment: £222

(bookings for offer close 30th September)

click the button to book...

NB: The course is available to participants worldwide.

It is recommended for those in autumn / winter season.

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About the course
What you will be taught
What you will receive
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