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About Helen

Helen's journey into natural health began during her formative years, which were rooted with a strong connection to nature.  Growing up in rural countryside, wild and exploring  hedgerows, woodlands, and stars, Helen felt a freedom being with nature, which seemed to offer glimpses of solitude and peace, despite any challenges elsewhere in life.  This feeling remains with her today.

Helen began studying complementary health in 2003, whilst working for the NHS, and has since become qualified in herbal medicine (BSc Hons, Health Sciences), reflexologyThai Yoga massage, and Yoga.  She is continually fascinated by these therapies with their potential to change health.

The idea of connection underpins Helen's offerings in natural health; working with each individual or group holistically to find solutions for achieving optimum health and wellbeing. Helen aims to honour your unique needs in bringing you back to nature, from where you can access your own inner peace, and natural healing potential.

Helen aspires towards an integrative approach to healthcare, where natural therapies often complement and support conventional medical treatment, and self-care and patient responsibility play a key role.  Helen has a keen interest in exploring connections between mind-body attitudes and health, sustainable health and wellbeing approaches, and yoga.  She travels regularly to further her experience and knowledge in understanding health from various cultural perspectives

Helen loves working in health and wellbeing, and feels very fortunate to be doing so!  Practising between clinics in Exeter city centre, Exeter University, and Spain, she also offers health and wellbeing education through courses, workshops, and retreats.

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